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New Firefox Preview Promises 2x Faster Browsing on Android

by Ace Damon
New Firefox Preview Promises 2x Faster Browsing on Android

Mozilla has launched the new Firefox Preview 2.0, a browser available for Android devices that promises much more speed, as well as innovative design and features to ensure accuracy and enhance the user experience.

Among the benefits disclosed by the company, we can mention mainly the double speed compared to previous versions of the browser. This is due to a minimalist design and blocking of crawlers, reducing ads and hassles of web pages, making the browser even faster.

Mobile users also enjoy a number of other benefits: they can better organize themselves by sorting and saving their favorite sites into collections, adding a search widget on their smartphone's home screen, connecting with their browser on other devices, and enjoying the many other benefits that Firefox provides.

New Firefox Preview 2.0 Interface (Source: Playback / Mozilla)

The new browser will still work independently, meaning users can use the internet without worrying about sharing their data and preferences for creating ads, for example. You will also be able to control stored data such as cookies and history.

The Firefox Preview 2.0 update for Android devices is now available for testing and should be finalized later this year.

You can download and test the new browser version from link or by searching directly on the Play Store.


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