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New right-wing party wants to fight corruption and promote regime change …

by Ace Damon
New right-wing party wants to fight corruption and promote regime change ...

A group of two dozen more Venezuelans announced today that they have called on the National Electoral Council (CNE) to legalize a new right-wing democratic party that aims to fight corruption and oppose President Nicolás Maduro's government.

The group hopes that the CNE will authorize the creation of the party and approve one of the three names they have requested: Popular Democratic Right, Democratic Right and Voice of Venezuela ”, which will have the slogan“ In capitalism the people live better ”.

In a manifesto released in Caracas through social networks, the group, which includes figures linked to civil society organizations, argues that the family is the fundamental cell of society, which should be protected, encouraged and its members formed in different values.

Also that private property is a sacred right that must be respected and enshrined in Venezuelan law.

“This regime constantly violates this right when it violently and without judgment snatches the citizens' assets, creating a state of widespread helplessness. The state must be the first defender and protector of private property and not its enemy. Venezuela must be a country of owners, ”says the document.

In the manifesto the new party promises to defend the rule of law, the established norms, the public powers and "avoid a situation of anarchy that only suits regimes like (Nicolás) Maduro".

"The country requires a truly independent judiciary, well-trained and well-paid judges and officials," he said.

On the other hand, the promoters of the creation of the new party explain that "the economic activity of the country must be free market and prerogative of the citizens, including the oil that should be owned by Venezuelans, from the deposits to the commercialization".

"It has been historically proven that capitalist societies bring greater welfare to their citizens than so-called socialist states that only repress, control man and turn them into servants of the almighty state," reads the manifesto, which further argues that The state should not intervene in any economic activity and should be limited to security, defense, international relations, public order, justice, territorial planning, basic education and primary health.

Another proposal is the reform of the 1999 Constitution to adapt it to the new reality of the country.

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