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New YouTube feature on Android is in the testing phase

by Ace Damon
New YouTube feature on Android is in the testing phase

A new feature for YouTube for Android is still in the testing phase, but it is creating a new section that will be featured in the videos. Called “featured in this video,” the Google app will be updated to make the platform easier to use.

Understand how the new feature works

According to the report provided by 9to5Google, the central proposal is to generate links automatically, without manual intervention, according to the analysis based on user preferences on YouTube.

They are expected to be powerful algorithms, such as those used in the “recommended” section, to deliver exactly what the individual wants when entering the platform.

This is a practical function especially for creators, as with this feature you no longer have to manage links in the description box of each video as everything will be done automatically.

For users, it makes it easy to have specific suggestions based on their taste, leading to the discovery of new channels and videos that would go unnoticed without the help of algorithms.

(Source: Pixabay / Playback)

Who can use the function?

As it is still in its early period, a team from Google and Android will be responsible for choosing which users are eligible to take the test. Thus, YouTube also selects the team of creators who will apply the role in advance to their channel.

It has been said that it will only be a “small percentage” for both cases, covering only those that can give the search more tangible results.

When feedback is received and the role has been modified to meet audience demands, it should appear in a future YouTube update for the general public.

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