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Nicolás Maduro inaugurates Christmas in Venezuela

by Ace Damon
Nicolás Maduro inaugurates Christmas in Venezuela

With Christmas subsidies as a flag and special food as a promise, the Venezuelan president has advanced, one month, the beginning of the holidays. The anticipation comes at a time when protests rampage in the country.

"Prepare all the people of Venezuela, the working class, the workers, all the governors and the Bolivarian National Armed Force. We are happy, the beautiful Venezuela. On the one hand, the work and study, and on the other the party." , said Nicolás Maduro on Friday, in the announcement of the beginning of the holiday season, which this year anticipates a month.

Precisely on the first day of November with 24 months of hyperinflation in Venezuela, Maduro officially inaugurated the festivities of "Navidades Felices", heirs of the "Chavidad" invented by Hugo Chavez at the end of his term. The Chavista leader lit a cross on Mount Avila in Caracas – lit on the first day of December for 50 years – and painted the luxurious Humbold Hotel used by the Bolivarian executive with yellow, blue and red lights, from which he spoke and danced. the woman.

"Nothing will take away our joy or peace. Nothing will take away our determination to keep the peace. It will be two months of joy for the children. In 2020, we will blossom, not because I am called Cilia Flores, but because we have a people and a president to make every home happy, "said Maduro's wife.

The early announcement could be part of a plan designed by the government to counteract the possible contagion effect of the protests plaguing the country, plunged into a complex political conflict between the Maduro government, which took office for a second term in January, and the opponents led by Guaidó. Adding to the institutional tension is the social discontent caused by the deterioration of public services, the lack of gasoline and domestic gas for cooking.

Although the Christmas allowance and other overdue allowances have been deposited in civil servants' accounts, present-day bolivars are low compared to the expected 35% economic contraction (recession) by the end of the year. A huge tax expense that is expected to throw more fuel into the bonfire of inflation.

Earlier last week, Maduro approved spending 11 million euros to buy 13,500 tons of pork shank, typical of Venezuelan feasts, which it will distribute through the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), the government's program for food at subsidized prices.

"I will approve them immediately to ensure the people in December have their legs and everything they need," he reiterated in an interview with a radio and television chain, acknowledging that last year the merchandise did not arrive in time for Christmas. and that was insufficient.

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