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Nintendo Switch reaches 10 million units sold in Europe

by Ace Damon
Nintendo Switch reaches 10 million units sold in Europe

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The Nintendo Switch surprised the gamer community in a way no one imagined. Now the success of its console has reached a memorable milestone in Europe: 10 million units sold.

Nintendo did not specify which version of the consoles accounted for the huge number of sales, attributing success to the entire "Nintendo Switch family." Probably, sales must have been boosted after the release of Switch Lite, not disregarding the success of the original version.

The launch's proximity to annual holidays and the accessibility of a portability-focused console should be a major cause of sales takeoff.

Nintendo Switch family. (Source: Nintendo / Press Release)


Today's Nintendo console has sold over 37 million units worldwide and the number is only growing with new releases and continued support for the system.

Since it is not anticipated that Nintendo will switch generation any time soon, the company's most famous game releases will still be destined for Switch, so we can expect even higher numbers by 2020.

This year also demonstrated the strength of the Japanese manufacturer in the Brazilian territory. After years without attending the fair, the Nintendo was present with a huge booth at BGS 2019 – event that happens now and will last until the weekend.

Let's hope that all this success becomes Nintendo's return to the domestic market and that makes the products more accessible here.

Also, check out an article from Voxel that tells the Nintendo's long walk within its 130 years of existence! The company that started with card games is still good, isn't it?


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