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Over 4.5 million infected and 307,000 dead worldwide

by Ace Damon
Over 4.5 million infected and 307,000 dead worldwide

The new coronavirus has already infected 4,549,100 people worldwide, at least 307,321 of whom have died, according to a balance sheet based on official figures made by AFP at 11 am GMT (12 pm in Lisbon) today.

The figures are for 196 countries and territories and account for cases since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in December in China.

At least 1,602,400 people were considered cured.

The agency warns that the balance sheet does not reflect the actual number of contaminations, namely because a large number of countries only test for the presence of the virus in people who need hospitalization.

The United States, which recorded the first deaths associated with covid-19 in February, is the most affected country in the world, both in infections and in cases, with 87,568 deaths in 1,443,397 cases and 250,747 people declared cured.

This is followed by the United Kingdom, with 33,998 deaths in 236,711 cases, Italy, with 31,610 deaths in 223,885 cases, Spain, with 27,563 deaths in 230,698 cases, and France, where the figures are available from Thursday and recorded 27,529 deaths in 178,870 cases.

Mainland China (without Macau and Hong Kong) officially records 82,941 cases (eight new cases from Friday today), 4,633 of them deadly (zero in the last 24 hours) and 78,219 cases cured.

By regions of the world, Europe remains the most affected (164,536 deaths in 1,860,927 cases), followed by the United States and Canada (93,210 deaths in 1,517,930 cases), Latin America and the Caribbean (26,945 deaths in 476,349 cases) , Asia (11,872 deaths in 343,283 cases), Middle East (8,018 deaths in 264,535 cases), Africa (2,614 deaths in 77,700 cases), and Oceania (126 deaths in 8,381 cases).

Portugal today records 1,203 deaths related to covid-19, 13 more than on Friday, and 28,810 infected, 227 more, according to the epidemiological bulletin released by the Directorate-General for Health.


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