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Pain in lower back: This underlying deficiency may be the cause – how to treat…

by Ace Damon

The intensity of low back pain can vary from person to person – it can come on suddenly if you lifted something heavy or moved in a way that hurt your back, explains Bupa. However, it is mainly attributed to physical causes. What is less commonly understood is the role that vitamin D deficiency plays in back pain.

The study investigated the effects of vitamin D supplementation on back pain.

The study found that vitamin D supplementation reduced the inability for back pain in severely disabled, overweight / obese adults.

Am I at risk for vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D is absorbed by the body through direct exposure to sunlight.

Some people don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight, because they have very little or no exposure to the sun.

As the NHS explains, excessive intake of vitamin D supplements over a long period of time can cause excess calcium in the body (hypercalcemia).

This can weaken the bones and damage the kidneys and the heart.

“If you choose to take vitamin D supplements, 10 micrograms a day will be enough for most people,” advises the health agency.

Vitamin D is also found in the following foods:

  • Oily fish – like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel
  • Red meat
  • Liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Enriched foods – like some spreadable fats and breakfast cereals

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