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Pirate Profit: FBI confiscates $ 5 million IPTV owner

by Ace Damon

That IPTV services make a profit is nothing new. In the US, the hot spot in the war against entertainment piracy is the owner of Gears Reloaded, an IPTV service recently toppled by the FBI. Omar Carrasquillo (known as IMO IN A HELLCAT) has now revealed that he had $ 5.2 million confiscated from his bank accounts by the US Federal Police.

Images from a five-page receipt from the Justice Department detail what should be learned in the November raid: cars, jewelry and electronics were taken. In addition, the mandate still spoke of "channel lists and email accounts" and bank account information under the name "Bill Castillo" linked to "video streaming".

Gears Reloaded offered live streaming of games. (Source: Gears Reloaded Pro / Playback)

Millions in indemnity sentence

Small IPTV services offer access to hundreds of live TV channels for $ 20 a month. The war fought by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the anti-piracy league that links Hollywood studios to streaming channels like Amazon and Netflix, saw the entity's first major victory in US justice.

With more than 180,000 subscribers (gross profit of $ 3.6 million per month, or $ 43.2 million per year), Set TV NOW ended its operation in 2018 with a payment of $ 90 million. compensation to ACE. The entity, however, was not satisfied with the ruling against SET Broadcast, LLC.

A California federal court then ordered IPTV channel owner Jason Labossiere and his employee Nelson Johnson to pay $ 7.65 million in piracy compensation – $ 150,000 for each of the 51 works whose copyrights have been infringed.

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