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"Playing like this, nobody can stop Benfica"

by Ace Damon
"Playing like this, nobody can stop Benfica"

INTERVIEW – In an interview with THE GAME, the midfielder given to West Bromwich Albion, the midfielder sees the eagles as the main favorites for the title.

On loan from Benfica to West Bromwich Albion, Krovinovic spoke of the current moment of the eagles and their course in England.


Have you been able to follow Benfica's games?

-I'm always following Benfica, I watch some games and I'm always watching club news.

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In personal terms, would you like to move up and see the champion Benfica again?

-Yes. Of course I would like Benfica to be champion and to win the Portuguese Cup and Europa League. I am rooting for them as usual and I hope that happens.

From what you've been watching, is Benfica a favorite to revalidate the title?

-I think so, now they have gone through a phase where they were in good shape and when they play like that nobody can stop them. I hope this moment continues, tough games are coming, but they are a great team and know how to manage it.

Given Sporting's punctual delay, will it be a fight for two? Or can not discard Sporting?

-No, football is strange these days, you never know what might happen. It may happen that Benfica and FC Porto lose points and Sporting win. Nothing is decided and everyone has a chance to be champions.

"Bruno Lage understood that he was not counting on me. We spoke without problems and everything is fine"

When you were on loan, did you talk to Bruno Lage?

-It was his decision, he understood that he was not counting on me, that it was not worth staying, but we spoke without problems, everything is fine and I am calm. [laughs].

Given its evolution in England, could it be more useful for Benfica next season?

– I can only say that I am thinking only of the WBA and I am very happy here. It is only December, there are many games until the end of the season and in the end we will see what will happen. I have a cold head and I am calm.

How have you seen the performance of Chiquinho, who has occupied his land?

-You are performing well, have quality.

Could you play Chiquinho if you had stayed in the squad?

-I can play in various positions in midfield and also in the position he occupies, because I already played in that position last year.

Do you feel you still have a lot to give Benfica if you come back?

-Of course, when I played I showed what I can do and everyone there knows that. Whether Benfica wants me back depends on me, but also on them. Now I am enjoying this moment and in the future we will see.

Although Benfica are preparing to strengthen Bruno Lage's squad midfielder, Krovinovic says he is calm and guarantees that this situation will not affect him.

Does it affect you that Benfica is in the market to hire more midfielders?

-No, I'm enjoying the moment here. Now I don't want to leave here and at the end of the season we'll see.

Pizzi has already surpassed the all-time goal record last season. How do you analyze the former's form moment?

-I always told him that he was by far one of the best players in the league and he liked him a lot because he is a five star person, a five star player and I only have good words for him, he deserves and will continue like this, I wish him the best. I loved to play with him and he with me.

Not surprised?

-No, he can do various positions. You can play right in the middle, far left or right, because you are very smart and have technical quality. He is tactically disciplined and knows what he has to do.

Without João Félix nor Jonas and with some young people, the team continues to have positive results. What is the secret?

-Benfica is very strong and every year has new players and even kids. Someone may leave, but someone with quality to replace it and will always be so, because it has a very good structure.

How do you rate the duo Gabriel and Taarabt?

-It has improved a lot in the last few games and I hope it stays that way and it goes well until the end of the season. Who's there deserves it and I root for them.

Tomás Tavares seized the title. How do you analyze the path of this young person in formation?

I liked him when I trained with him last year and always said, "This boy can get far." Has value to play in the team and has shown quality. You're playing well and you have to keep it up. Benfica has many young people with quality: Florentine, Gedson, Jota … Rúben Dias, Ferro.

Will André Almeida therefore have to pedal to return to the team?

-Yes, but everyone knows how much André lives for Benfica. He is a great person, one of the captains, gives everything when playing and has great quality as a player and person.



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