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Pokemon Tower Battle and Medallion Battle arrive for Facebook

by Ace Damon

Pokemon Company, in partnership with Bombay Play and GCTurbo Studios, has exclusively launched the Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle games for Facebook.

The first title is a physics-focused game where players must stack the pocket monsters in competitions against other online users. Throughout the game, it becomes more difficult to fit each creature and some may end up falling off the field, causing the player to lose the game.

(Source: Facebook / Press Release)

Meanwhile, Medallion Battle resembles a card game, bringing in iconic medallion-shaped pokemon that, as the title of the game implies, will engage in battles with each other. The player can not only capture new monsters, but also train them, evolve them and challenge gyms in exchange for badges.

Pokemon Tower Battle and Medallion Battle arrive for Facebook(Source: Facebook / Press Release)

Tower Battle is already available through the social network worldwide, including in Brazil, but Medallion Battle is not yet scheduled for release beyond Asia.

To play, simply access the Facebook games tab or the Facebook Gaming app, available for iOS and Android mobile operating devices.

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