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Portuguese community in Canada joins to fund Portuguese course in …

by Ace Damon
Portuguese community in Canada joins to fund Portuguese course in ...

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The Portuguese Queens community in Kingston, eastern Canada, is again holding a fundraising event to fund the Portuguese course at the local university, the organization's source told Lusa.

The Portuguese course has remained at the university “due to the important contribution” of the local Portuguese community, the 60-year-old community leader Maria Helena Silva, a member of the University of Queens Commission of Culture and Portuguese Language, told the Portuguese news agency Lusa. .

“Every year we organize at least two fundraising events to subsidize the Portuguese program. Our support is fundamental for the continuity of the course, ”he said.

The native businesswoman from Ovar (Aveiro) explained that six years ago, due to the strong Portuguese presence in the city of Kingston, they proposed to the local university to create a Portuguese language course.

At least 20,000 Canadian dollars (13,700 euros) are needed to keep the program active every year, and in 2019 the Camões institute provided 8,500 dollars (5,841 euros), with the university matching that amount.

“Our goal is to raise funds to support the program so it will last for many, long years,” added the 60-year-old businesswoman in Canada.

The program started in 2013 due to the work of the Commission for Portuguese Language and Culture at the University of Queens.

In the current academic year 35 students attend the Portuguese course and only two thirds are of Portuguese origin or from Portuguese speaking countries.

The initial level (A1) course is available in two parts, with three credits for each part in the fall and winter.

Besides language, it has a cultural aspect about Portugal and Brazil.

“In every class there is always a cultural component related to music, because music can get the cultural message across in a better way,” explained Professor António Macedo of the University of Queens Language, Culture and Literature department. .

The usual convivial dinner “not so common in Canada”, is another factor that allows the students of this course “to try the Portuguese cuisine”.

Today, at 5 pm (22 pm Lisbon), at the Kingston Portuguese Cultural Center, the University of Queens Portuguese Language and Culture Commission organizes a night of fados to raise funds to support the Portuguese course.

Kingston is a city in eastern Ontario, between Toronto and Montreal, with about 136,000 inhabitants, of which 5,000 are Portuguese and Portuguese.

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