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President of Brazil, family members and ministers saw personal data released by …

by Ace Damon
President of Brazil, family members and ministers saw personal data released by ...

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, three of his children and ministers who are part of the Brazilian Government had personal data released on the social network Twitter by the group of ‘hackers’ (hackers) Anonymous Brasil, at dawn today.

According to information published by the local media, the hackers published registration data, such as addresses, document numbers and personal telephone numbers of those affected in ‘links’, which have since been deleted by Twitter.

In addition to the Brazilian head of state, his children involved in political activity, Flávio, Eduardo and Carlos Bolsonaro, were targeted.

The ministers of Education, Abraham Weintraub, the Minister of Women and Human Rights, Damares Alves, and other well-known supporters of the Brazilian President, such as businessman Luciano Hang, also had personal information disclosed illegally.

The Workers' Party (PT), which opposes the Government, highlighted this morning, also on Twitter, a report from a news site called Diário do Centro do Mundo about an alleged affiliation attempt in its internal system that he used the name, data and documents of the Brazilian President, currently without a party, and of his son Carlos Bolsonaro, a member of the Republicans party.

Along with the report, PT reported that the membership requests were rejected.

On his Twitter account, Carlos Bolsonaro confirmed the disclosure of his personal information.

“The‘ pro-democracy ’gang leaked my personal and other data on the Internet. After seeing violations of the right to free speech, they now hurt privacy. Under the excuse of 'fighting evil', they justify their crimes and do exactly what they accuse us, but they never prove! ”, He wrote.

According to information published by the Brazilian news portal UOL, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil will investigate the case.

A general who holds the position of director of the Information Security Department (DSI), Antônio Carlos de Oliveira Freitas, told the portal that the Institutional Security Office (GSI) is investigating the incident, but the investigation to find out who disclosed the information requires police participation.


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