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Questions about consolidated credit? DS Crédito Funchal answers!

by Ace Damon
Questions about consolidated credit? DS Crédito Funchal answers!

DS CRÉDITO FUNCHAL advises families on how they can obtain SAVINGS to cover unexpected expenses. How? Consolidating your credits, a simple action that can lead to a reduction in monthly installments of up to 60% in some cases.

Why should you apply for a consolidated credit?

If you have taken out a lot of loans and are paying interest on all of them, know that you can have very interesting savings. This is the main reason why you should apply for a consolidated credit. Stop having several credits with high rates and start having a single credit with substantially lower rates.

Here are the main reasons why you should apply for a consolidated credit:

Lower benefit:

Several credits are synonymous with different interest rates, so if you think that you pay too much for your credits and you have difficulties in fulfilling the installments, consolidate them.

Only one payment date:

If you have several monthly installments with credits and credit cards and with different payment dates, this is another good reason. With consolidated credit you will have only one installment and only one payment date.

Interest reduction:

When opting for a consolidation, interest will be reduced, which may translate into a relief at the end of the month. In addition, you will be left with only one term of the loan.

More quality of life and organization:

You no longer have to think about the charges and what day you have to pay the different credits. By getting some financial slack with a single lower interest rate, you will be able to live more comfortably and with finances more controlled to deal with unexpected expenses.

Of course, each case is different, but in the opinion of DS CRÉDITO FUNCHAL, all families with more than 2 credits should analyze their financial situation. In many cases it has been possible to obtain savings of up to 60% of the amount that families were initially paying.


Once you are able to stabilize, start saving. Create some financial slack to be prepared so that, in difficult situations, you don't have to take out another credit. Use them only when you want to make investments that can improve your life.

This has no cost to the customer. There are many solutions available, the most important is to inform yourself and ask for help to avoid falling into default.

Vitor Freitas and André Freitas, Directors DS CRÉDITO FUNCHAL, specialist in the area of ​​Credit Intermediation and Consulting.


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