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Reading of the Double Game judgment has been postponed again

by Ace Damon
Reading of the Double Game judgment has been postponed again

Judgment will be read on 31 January 2020.

The reading of the judgment of the Double Game case, with 27 defendants and related to match-fixing in Portuguese professional football, scheduled for Friday in Lisbon, was postponed again, now to 31 January 2020.


The information appears in a court order of the Central Criminal Court of Lisbon (TCCL), to which the Lusa agency had access, which is the second postponement that the panel of judges, chaired by Luís Ribeiro, determines, after postponing the reading of the judgment of June 18th to October 25th, Friday.

The chairman of the panel justifies the second postponement, at 2 pm on 31 January 2020, because he has to give "priority" to a trial and the elaboration of the respective judgment in a case of special complexity and with pre-trial detainees.

According to the order issued in June of this year, Luís Ribeiro also justified the first postponement by the fact that he is a presiding judge in this same case "of special complexity and urgency, with 35 defendants, 15 in pre-trial detention, and also as an assistant judge in two. other processes of medium complexity ".

At the first session of the final allegations of the trial, held on October 29 last year, the prosecutor prosecuted the conviction of all defendants, six of them to effective imprisonment.

The MP defended effective penalties for Carlos Silva, known as "Aranha" and element of the SuperDragões cheerleader, for Gustavo Oliveira, football manager, for former soccer player Rui Dolores, and for three former players: Hugo Guedes (Coins), João Tiago Rodrigues (João Carela) – in the 2015/2016 season at Oliveirense – and Diego Tavares – at the time a footballer of Oriental de Lisboa.

For the MP it was proved that Carlos Silva, Gustavo Oliveira and Rui Dolores formed "the summit of the criminal organization" in Portugal and it was they who maintained the "contacts with Malaysian investors, who brought the money to Portugal", with a view to obtaining profits from "fraudulent betting and manipulation of results", "very serious" conduct.

Since August 2015, these three defendants, at the top of the organization's pyramid "have developed this criminal activity" and "very serious, lasting and permanent conduct" over a period of time, with the intervention of defendants Hugo Guedes, João Tiago Rodrigues and Diego Tavares, who had an intermediate role in this alleged criminal association.

At issue are crimes of criminal association in sports competition, active and passive corruption in sports competition and sports betting at fraudulent territorial base quota.

The MP called for suspended sentences for the remaining 21 defendants, including Abel Silva, 1989 U-20 World Champion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, other players from Oriental, Oliveirense, Penafiel and Viseu Academic, as well as leaders SAD do Leixões and others with links to the sports betting business, but on condition that they pay the damages that the court may stipulate.

The prosecutor also defended the application of the accessory penalties requested in the prosecution, considering them "essential" so that the defendants can not continue to perform the same activities.

Defendants of defendants Carlos Silva and Gustavo Oliveira called for the acquittal of the 16 crimes of active corruption and criminal association for which their constituents are charged. Lawyer Nelson Sousa considered that "there is neither, nor ever was any criminal association", considering that "it is the pronunciation itself that drives away this crime".

The other lawyers also argued for the acquittal of their clients.

This week, the Discipline Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) suspended four defendants in this case, including former soccer player Abel Silva, who was sentenced to six years and three months of suspension.

The ruling, to which Lusa had access, punishes Abel Silva, the under-20 world champion in 1989, with a six-year and three-month penalty, and Gustavo Oliveira, a soccer manager, for a period of six years and nine months. , ordering both to pay fines of 1,785 and 1,887 euros, respectively.

The FPF CD also punished with suspensions of three years and six months the footballers João Rodrigues (João Carela), who in the 2015/2016 season represented Oliveirense, and Hugo Guedes (Moedas), from Folgosa da Maia, for considering proven that these violated articles 129 and 130 of the disciplinary regulation, concerning corruption or coercion, and sports betting.

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