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"Relaxation? We've been three months first"

by Ace Damon
"Relaxation? We've been three months first"

Miguel Pereira / Global Images

Photography: Miguel Pereira / Global Images

João Pedro Sousa, coach of Famalicão, commented on the 2-1 defeat at Portimão.

First half: "In the first half we were not aggressive, ball or no ball, we were slow to move and could not impose our game, nor take advantage of the tactical nuances with the space that the opponent was freeing in the defensive line, when they pressed the Portimonense managed to block us and our reaction to the loss was neither quick nor aggressive, allowing for several quick attacks on Portimonense. By the break the result was fair. Portimonense did a good first half and we couldn't master the game".


Second half: "After the break, we rectified, improved, were faster and more aggressive, controlling and then dominating the game. We created situations to score, but we were not competent. It was a good show and congratulations to Portimonense for the victory ".

Relaxation for a good start to the championship "No. We've been three months in the first place. This is never going to happen here. That kind of relaxation, or thinking we have done enough, this team will surely never do it. It will never happen."

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