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Robo Revenge: tool could be the new weapon against robocalls

by Ace Damon
Robo Revenge: tool could be the new weapon against robocalls

Automatic calls can become a nuisance depending on how often they are received. There are constant efforts aimed at consumer welfare, such as the competition to develop solutions against the so-called robocall carried out by the body that protects American consumers. Now, apparently, the scenario is about to receive another participant.

Vice published an article describing a new service to be launched by DoNotPay to block such calls and even prosecute those responsible: Robo Revenge. We even had a chat with this “virtual lawyer”. According to the article, with the novelty, processes of up to 3 thousand dollars can be moved automatically, simply insert the necessary data and let the robot do an analysis.

The expectation is that, with the financial impacts, the robocallers will decrease their performance, which would bring relief to the consumer. However, the possibilities of the novelty are restricted to the United States – since the basis of the application is precisely American law.

The end of the robocall?

Robo Revenge, in addition to adding the complainant's number to the blocking list for receiving incoming calls, generates a fake credit card number, which you can provide to scammers. Thus, he is able to trace the origin and trigger the relevant legislation.

“All the big companies have failed to protect consumers, who have to protect themselves. The only way to end the problem is if automatic callers start losing money every time they call someone, ”says DoNotPay founder and CEO Joshua Browder.

“Lawyers make millions by suing these individuals, while normal people are stuck with it. Our automated process with a fake credit card gives power back to ordinary people ”, he concludes. For now, there is no more information available on the official channels or mention of the novelty on the website, but who knows if fashion doesn't catch here either?

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