Home sports Rogério Alves: "The referendum of the Board was not in question"


Rogério Alves: "The referendum of the Board was not in question"

by Ace Damon
Rogério Alves: "The referendum of the Board was not in question"

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Sporting's General Assembly president has rejected the "political analysis" of last year's accounts having been approved tangently, with 52.95 percent of the votes, however, defended that Frederico Varandas' executive is able to continue .

GA report: "The report and accounts have been approved. It is not for the GA Bureau to do the political analysis of the votes, but what the statutes and the law say. People have spoken and the Board has responded. It is now up to the Council We have about 1300 members and we have a much wider universe. We have to find a way, which goes through the overhaul of the constitution, so that a lot more members can participate in the life of the club. with a huge turnout we can reach 10 percent. "


Contestation: "The division of the club, in terms of manifestations of discontent, we see. What will lead in tow is the success of the modalities, football, financial, brand growth … Interest we are able to do so Excessive instability is sometimes transmitted that is not passed on to most supporters Success and competence may correct this I believe this path is being well done Unfortunately life does not go straight The project ends in 2022. Critical factor of success is our support and ability to aggregate and to show our strength. "


Resignation: "In my opinion, this Board is in a position to continue. Even if the report and accounts were failed, there was no question of the Board referendum. There are other ways to do this, but there is no sign or trace that it will happen. Only by waiting until 2022 can we make the journey. It is not with permanent instability, which is contagious and causes tension. "

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