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Scientists create functional artificial blood vessels

by Ace Damon
Scientists create functional artificial blood vessels

Scientists in the United States have used 3D printing to make functional blood vessels that could be used clinically in cases of vascular disease.

The result of the experiments is reported in a study published in the Applied Physics Reviews newsletter and shows that "the artificial blood vessel is an essential tool for saving patients with cardiovascular problems," said lead author Ge Gao.

The raw material for making this type of vessels is biotinta obtained from aortic artery cells and an umbilical vein, which was transformed into an abdominal aortas placed in six laboratory rats using a modified 3D printing technique.

"There are clinically used products made from polymers, but they have no living cells or vascular functions," said Gao, noting that using organic materials can preserve the natural complexity of the blood vessel and accelerate the formation of stronger, functional vascular tissues. less given to thromboses.

Once fabricated, the artificial blood vessel is refined in the laboratory to fine tune its physical and biological characteristics, thickness, cell alignment, strength, flexibility, and ability to contract like a natural blood vessel.



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