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Snapdragon 735: Qualcomm's 'powerful intermediary' has leaked details

by Ace Damon
Snapdragon 735: Qualcomm's 'powerful intermediary' has leaked details

Twitter user Sudhanshu Ambhore (@ Sudhanshu1414) has published what would be the basic specifications of a new Qualcomm chip, the Snapdragon 735. According to the leak, the processor will have two high performance Cortex-A76 Kryo cores ( one running at 2.36 GHz and the other at 2.32 GHz), and six high-energy Cortex-A55 cores all running at 1.73 GHz. The graphics chip will be the Adreno 620, which promises to be prepared for more complex games coming out next year.

Snapdragon 735 (SM7250) specs-
1x A76 @ 2.36GHz + 1x A76 @ 2.32GHz + 6x A55 @ 1.73GHz
Adreno 620 GPU

They don't match with previously leaked specs by @SuggestPhone, cause I've extracted these specs from a document. ??

– Sudhanshu Ambhore (@ Sudhanshu1414) October 21, 2019

The tweet mentions that the specs were taken from an "official document," but they do not match what was reported in previous rumors.

Earlier this year, we had leaks on this chip, close to when the Snapdragon 730 and 730G were released. Although these processors are part of the Snapdragon 7xx series, they are manufactured under 8 nm lithography. The 735, codenamed SM7250, is part of the new 7 nm lithograph and features a new architecture. In other words, this means that it will not only be more powerful, but may be far more economical than its predecessors.

The Snapdragon 735 will be released on intermediate phones that need extra breath for heavy apps and new games coming to the Play Store.

The chip is due to be officially launched in December at the event Qualcomm usually holds in Hawaii.



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