Some Early Russian Rockets

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The USSR CH-IO is a giant three-stage missile weigh­ing 350,000 pounds. Few other
details are known about the rocket except that it is over 100 feet long and is
131/2 feet in diameter.

The CH-10 is believed to be the rocket the Russians used to launch the payload
that hit the moon on Sep­tember 13, 1959. The last stage of the CH-10 is also
reported to have crashed into the moon.

The T-2 is a USSR intermediate-range ballistic missile in service with the
Russian army. It can carry a nuclear warhead between 1300 and 1500 miles.

This two-stage rocket is powered by liquid-fueled engines, the first (or booster)
stage producing a thrust of 80,000 pounds. Its maximum length is about 100 feet
and it weighs 120,000 pounds. Speed is 5,000 miles per hour.

The T-2 missile is comparable to our Jupiter and Thor.

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