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Spain decides to extend state of emergency until 26 April

by Ace Damon
Spain decides to extend state of emergency until 26 April

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez decided to propose to parliament the continuation of the state of emergency until next April 26 to fight against the new coronavirus, according to government sources cited by all Spanish press.

Pedro Sánchez will announce this decision in the early afternoon, after a round of contacts he is making with all the leaders of the main Spanish parties, namely those of the right-wing opposition.

The proposal was decided after this morning having participated in meetings of the Scientific Committee, first, and then of the Technical Committee created to analyze the evolution of the coronavirus in Spain.

The Spanish Government decreed a state of emergency for 15 days on March 14, which was extended by the parliament from 28 of the same month.

The country is one of the most affected by covid-19, having recorded 809 deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest number since last Saturday, reaching a total of 11,744 fatalities, according to the latest update from health authorities.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, 7,026 new infections were confirmed, which confirms the deceleration in the rhythm of the pandemic, with a total of 124,736 infected persons.

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, 34,219 people who have been infected have been discharged and are considered cured (data consolidated at 20:00 hours on Friday, Lisbon).

The death toll announced today (809) means the second consecutive day on which the death toll has dropped, which was 864 on Wednesday, 950 on Thursday and 932 on Friday.

In the country as a whole, 57,612 people have been or are hospitalized, of which 6,532 are in intensive care units.

The region with the most positive cases of covid-19 is Madrid, with 36,249 infected and 4,723 dead, followed by Catalonia (24,734 and 2,508), Castile-La Mancha (9,324 and 989), Castile and Leon (8,332) and 786) and that of the Basque Country (8,187 and 477).

Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa pointed out on Friday that the covid-19 epidemic in Spain went from the stabilization phase to the mitigation phase, concluding that the objective he had set for this "hard week" was fulfilled.

The official explained that this week the daily growth rate of new cases of the new coronavirus was below 10%, when at the beginning of the crisis it was 20%.

Authorities have already warned that police checks on the country's highways will be stepped up in the coming days, on the eve of Holy Week.

The new coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19 pandemic, has already infected more than one million people worldwide, of whom more than 59,000 died.

The European continent, with more than 603,000 infected and around 43,000 dead, is the one with the highest number of cases, and Italy is the country in the world with the most fatalities, 14,681 deaths in 119,827 confirmed cases to date.

Spain is the second country with the highest number of deaths, while the United States, with 7,159 deaths, accounts for the most infected (278,458).


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