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SpeedyFlush SOS Bio Kit!

by Ace Damon
SpeedyFlush SOS Bio Kit!

Bioneoclinic has prepared a special kit for rapid bowel cleansing that will rebalance its function after alcohol ingestion and excessive consumption of well-seasoned food.

Thinking about the possible abuses that may occur during the holiday season and beyond, we suggest this specific treatment that can be done in one day or three times a week.


Elimination of toxins and waste;

Feeling of lightness and vitality;

Mood improvement;

Decreased anxiety, nervousness and irritability;

More hydrated skin;

Weight loss;

Regulation of intestinal motricity.

This treatment is not advisable for people with colon cancer, intestinal bleeding, heart and kidney failure, recent abdominal cavity surgery, hemorrhoids, anal fissures or fistulas, abdominal hernias, acute inflammatory bowel disease (appendicitis, diverticulitis and colitis), hypertension. and pregnancy.

Supplements: Transit + BioDetox

Amount: € 40



Seminary Street, 7, 5th Floor, 9050-022 Funchal

Email: bioneoclinic@gmail.com

Tel. 291652777

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bioneoclinic/


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