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Star Wars: Finn and Poe May Win Own Series at Disney +

by Ace Damon
Star Wars: Finn and Poe May Win Own Series at Disney +

Finn and Poe, the duo of friends in recent Star Wars movies, can win their own Disney + series. Information from a US site is unofficial, but it does create some expectation among franchise fans.

Presented in the 2015 Star Wars universe with Force Awakening, Poe Dameron and Finn, played by Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, respectively, captured viewers with their strong friendship and made even some fans cheer for a romantic involvement.

The duo returns to the movie screens in the third and final sequence of the current trilogy: The Skywalker Ascension, which is set to debut on December 20. If the rumor of a duo series is confirmed, it could mean that the pair will be unharmed from the adventures of the closing episode of the Skywalker saga – and probably even more friends.

(Source: Pop / Reproduction Paper)

Romantic couple?

The theory that characters could become romantically involved spread among fans on the internet and even reached the actors. Isaac, in an interview at the release of the previous movie, The Last Jedi, stated the importance of people identifying with his character, but that sexuality would not be addressed at that time. Other actors in the trilogy expressed their support for the idea, such as Laura Dern.

And you, what do you think of this theory?


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