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Star Wars: Screenwriter comments on film's top picks

by Ace Damon
Star Wars: Screenwriter comments on film's top picks

Star Wars: Skywalker Ascension has hit theaters to end the Skywalker family saga. In order to achieve such an important outcome, director J.J. Abrams opted for some decisions that did not appeal to all fans. IndieWire spoke with Chris Terrio, writer of the latest Star Wars, to explain some of the movie's decisions.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers from Skywalker Ascension

Palpatine's return was one of the film's great revelations, but Terrio says his presence was important to making the conclusion of the Skywalker saga meaningful:

“J.J. said it would be strange for Palpatine not to be in this movie at all, ”Terrio explained. “I think what we meant was that this war never really ended. Yes, there was the victory of the greatest generation, and that was a true victory, and the balance was achieved for a while, but every generation must strive for balance again. We were thrilled at the thought that the person who was supposed to fight to regain the balance Anakin Skywalker gained was the descendant of his greatest enemy who corrupted Anakin Skywalker in the first place. ”

The writer also commented that bringing Rey's past again was important so that the character could have his bow completed in the best way possible.

“Who's Rey?” Is much more than a factual question, it's a matter of character, ”said Terrio. "I think Rey has to keep wondering who she is. At the beginning of the movie, Rey is a different person than she is in the end, but she had to go through this test road to reach the person she is in the end. of the movie".

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

About the final sequence of the film, the writer explained that bringing the sabers to Tatooine was a way of honoring the memories of Luke and Leia, leaving the two together symbolically.

“We think of it just paying respect and undoing original sin at the end of the third movie, which is the separation of twins,” commented Terrio. Deliberately, in the script, we describe the sabers wrapping, 'as if you were wrapping babies'. That's what you see in the third movie, where the two babies are wrapped and one is sent to Tatooine to be a farmer, and one is sent to Alderaan to be a princess. So we thought it was a fitting ending, which now Rey, having become part of Skywalker's legacy, would put his sabers to rest together. ”

Terrio goes on to explain that Rey's final speech was a way of saying that the Skywalker saga had come to an end, but that the family's legacy would remain alive.

"Well, early on, we found out we wanted her to say that," Terrio said. “It was soon after we decided that we really wanted to embrace this idea that Rey had come from the darkest line imaginable, but over the course of the movie, a Palpatine becomes a Skywalker. That, to us, seemed like the proper ending, because at the beginning of the trilogy, there is a Skywalker that is being corrupted to become more like Palpatine. In the end, we think that Light's final victory and Rey's final act of self-assertion was to declare that, despite her blood, she is a Skywalker. At this point, the Skywalkers really win the family saga. ”

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