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Student avoids defeat with Feirense on final whistle

by Ace Damon
Student avoids defeat with Feirense on final whistle

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An equalizing goal came after 94 minutes.

Académica and Feirense drew 1-1, in matchday two of the II Liga, played in Coimbra, with the students avoiding defeat in the last round of the match.


Santa Maria da Feira's team went ahead on the scoreboard in the 80th minute by Fati, and the briosa equalized in the 90 + 4 minutes by Zé Castro in the penalty spot.

The students, who came from three consecutive defeats, had a higher ascendant in the first half and, after four minutes, were about to open the scoring, a header from Dias, who broke through the Feirense goal post.

Striker Hugo Almeida also tried the goal and on 34 minutes fired from outside the area to close defense by goalkeeper Caio.

At 35, the Académica claimed a penalty for alleged foul by Gui Ramos on Hugo Almeida when the striker was preparing to shoot the goal, but the referee Jorge de Sousa had to play.

Feirense responded in counterattack and, at 39, Nsor, isolated, shot to Tiago Pereira's defense for corner.

Even after finishing the first 45 minutes, creative Chaby was injured and forced the 'briosa' coach to move the team into Chérif.

In the second half, Feirense forced goalkeeper Tiago Pereira into a good corner save after 56 minutes and 10 minutes later Ícaro headed in danger from the side.

Santa Maria da Feira's side hit the goal 80 minutes into the match, starting with a recovery from Fábio Espinho, who launched Feliz into the right wing of his attack. The winger crossed into the area, where Fati appeared pushing into the 'half-way' goal with Silvério.

After 85 minutes, the Académica players again claimed a penalty, again against Hugo Almeida, but Jorge de Sousa said nothing.

At 90 + 4, in the last minute of compensation, João Mendes was touched in the area by Christian and the referee signaled the maximum punishment, which Zé Castro converted, in what was the last move of the match.

Match at the City of Coimbra Stadium.

Academic – Feirense, 1-1.

At halftime: 0-0.


0-1, Fati, 80 minutes.

1-1, Zé Castro, 90 + 4 (penalty).


– Academic: Tiago Pereira, Mike, Arghus (Silvério, 77), Ze Castro, Mauro Cerqueira, Dias, Marcos Gomes, Barnes Osei (Dani, 69), João Mendes, Chaby (Chérif, 45 + 1) and Hugo Almeida.

(Alternates: Mika, Silvério, Romario, Matheus Mancini, Dani, Mantilla and Chérif).

Trainer: César Peixoto.

– Feirense: Caio, Edson Farias, Icarus Silva, Ricardo (Gui Ramos, 25), Ruca, Cris, Cristhian, Happy, Fabio Espinho, Fati (Elves, 88) and Nsor (Boupendza, 65)).

(Alternates: Brigido, Ramires, Boupendza, Victor Silva, Ze Ricardo, Gui Ramos and Elves).

Trainer: Filipe Martins.

Referee: Jorge Sousa (AF Porto).

Disciplinary action: Mauro Cerqueira (45), Fábio Espinho (45 + 1), Edson Farias (45 + 4), Dias (51), Gui Ramos (70), Christhian (75) and Marcos Gomes (76).

Attendance: 3,246 spectators.

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