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Sydney air pollution among 20 worst in the world due to fires

by Ace Damon
Sydney air pollution among 20 worst in the world due to fires

Air pollution in Sydney, Australia's largest city with more than five million people, is among the 20 worst in the world due to smoke from wildfires in the east of the country.

"Sydney, also known as 'Big Smoke' lives up to its nickname today. Smoke from the fire will gradually disappear throughout the day but will increase at night. There is a poor air quality warning." , wrote the weather services on the social network Twitter.

On AirVisual portal, which measures air quality around the world, Sydney is ranked 17th on Tuesday, two below the Chinese city of Shanghai, in a ranking led by Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Data from the government of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney, show that air quality "is poor".

The mantle of smoke over Sydney at dawn is a consequence of the Gosper Mountains fires, about 300 kilometers northwest of the city, which has already burned some 850 square kilometers of land.

The impact of smoking, which is also affecting the cities of Wollongongong and Newcastle, is expected to be compounded by the intense heat expected over the next two days on the east coast of Australia, which has been hampering the flames fight for over 1300 weeks ago. firemen.

Fires continue to plow in Australia


At least six people have died from wildfires in New South Wales, the hardest hit region by fire and severe drought, where 13,000 square kilometers of land have burned since July 1.

Australia's fire season varies by area and weather, although it is generally recorded between December and March.

The worst fires in the country in recent decades occurred in early February 2009 in the southeastern state of Victoria, causing 173 deaths and 414 injuries. The burned area was 4500 square kilometers.

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