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"Taking the mouth of the pea field would be like separating twins"

by Ace Damon

The Board has a project that it cannot implement and has been seeking the collaboration of the Porto City Council. The club's senior team has been playing at home for years.

Never has the expression "run the house behind you" been so apt as it is with FC Foz, because for decades the team has been forced to play on rented pitches.


Having your own room has been dreamed many times, with your eyes closed, first, with them wide open, then. The project was designed, delivered to the Porto City Council (CMP), analyzed, considered and discussed in various areas, and made known to several mayors: Nuno Cardoso, Rui Rio and even Rui Moreira … and nothing. Just promises, lots and lots of it.

FC Foz and its leaders have been preaching in the desert for decades, struggling to make the Pea Field meet the necessary conditions to win the regulatory measures of a football field, so that their teams can evolve in their own space. "In recent years we have met with the councilors of Urbanism, Sport and, after we were elected, we have already met with Dr. Catarina Araújo, Councilor for Sport, César Navio, administrator of Porto Lazer, and with Pedro Baganha, City Councilor, to make them aware of the problem. We need the Porto City Council to help us create conditions for the practice of sports in our facilities, because we have many people looking for Foz and we have no way to give answers " , explained Eduardo Moreira, businessman and manager, recently elected president of the club.

FC Foz leaders struggle for decades so that the club's field can be extended to conventional measures

The problem with Campo da Pea is that it is surrounded by private land and buildings that have made it difficult to find the space needed to grow. In the current Municipal Master Plan (PDM), all that space is considered green zone and, therefore, does not contemplate the possibility of new term constructions. But the expectation that the PDM will change has led landowners to wait because the value of the square meter in that area is one of the highest in the city. "The investment in our project is around 3 to 3.5 million euros, but we need CMP to help us solve the problems of private land", insists Eduardo Moreira.

"We intend to expand the football field to official measures and build a mini-complex with a small stadium, changing rooms and a pavilion to restore the practice of futsal, which was once a strong sport in the club," he said. Meanwhile, the FC Foz project does not come out of the drawers of the Porto City Council offices, and the possibility of seeing it following a new avenue planned for that area promises to accelerate the process. "It is a work that is part of an operational unit of planning and management, which includes the construction of an avenue that is expected to leave Praça do Império to connect to Avenida da Boavista," explained the club president.

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"Taking Foz out would be like separating twins"

Jorge Costa has some difficulty separating emotions from the problem affecting FC Foz and, as such, seeing the club stay where it is. "It is difficult to move in Campo da Pea. Taking Foz from there would be like separating twins at birth. For those who have fondness for Foz, it is a crime to move away from those characteristic spaces," said O GAME. "It is essential that these clubs stay where they are. There are things that we can not forget or pretend. We are talking about Foz, Campo da Ervilha. I am from there, I was born two steps from the field, I was on my way. home to the countryside on foot, passing through the countryside … Today is a luxury place and, even at the risk of being unfair, the Campo do Pea must have enormous patrimonial value and must be very attractive, whether the countryside wants the surroundings. Foz won't have an easy task, but from there … I don't see another place where you could build this complex. Leave Foz, then … ", he added.

Jorge Costa took the first steps in forming the club before joining FC Porto

Since 2016/17, coach Álvaro Madureira has achieved real miracles, successively moving FC Foz from the 1st District Division to the Honor Division and the Elite Division, where he occupies the second position. "It takes a lot of passion to work in the conditions where you work there and you have to walk with your house behind you. Interestingly, Foz even has dynamism and projects, unlike others. I have a great affection for that club, because the my family is from there. I speak with passion, but I make an appeal, within what I can, to help Foz improve its conditions, "he said.

For the former international, it is essential that the chamber assumes its responsibilities in this process: "It is the responsibility of the Porto City Council to create spaces for our young people to play sports, and not only talk about football. It has an obligation to create infrastructures. so that young people can play sports on conditions and drop video games and phones. "

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