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The Latest: Paris police ban Floyd protest due to virus fear

by Ace Damon
The Latest: Paris police ban Floyd protest due to virus fear


– Washington officials expect the city's biggest demonstration against police brutality since Floyd's death

– Sharpton plans DC rally for August 28, anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech

– Minneapolis-St. Paul curfews like soldiers, National Guard will be sent home

– Mayor of Seattle prohibits police use of a type of tear gas for 30 days.


WASHINGTON – Officials in the nation's capital expect Saturday to be the biggest demonstration against police brutality in the city since the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Washington has held daily protests over the past week and they have been largely peaceful, with people marching from the White House to the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

These numbers are expected to increase. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters on Friday that local officials projected between 100,000 and 200,000 protesters.

Metropolitan Police Department chief Peter Newsham would not commit to a number, but predicted it would be less than the million people who attended the Women's March in 2017.

This occurs when the authorities try to reduce tensions, preventing the National Guard troops from carrying weapons.

There were zero arrests during demonstrations on Thursday and Friday and Mayor Muriel Bowser canceled the curfew that had been in place since Monday. She said she will decide on Saturday morning whether to be reinstated.

Several D.C. churches and theaters have said they will open their lobbies so people can cool off.


Rev. Al Sharpton said the Washington rally he announced this week was being planned for August 28, the anniversary of the day the MLK made its "I have a dream" speech.

He said the August event would be a way to keep pace, as legal proceedings against those accused of Floyd's death are ongoing.

"It will take months, if not a year, before you even go to trial. So you cannot let this end … otherwise, you will end in a year and people will continue with another story, and you will not have the public warning and the pressure you need. "

And starting in August, he said: "It takes you to November, not in a party way, to protect the vote, because we need to educate people about voting by mail. We have to educate people in terms of participation."

He said: “One of the things that King’s dream dealt with was the right to vote and it gives us 90 days before the election and a great emphasis on that, so that you change, in order to change the laws, you must impact legislators and they are elected in November. … otherwise, it's for nothing. "


MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis and St. Paul residents were no longer under a curfew on Friday night and the state plans to start sending state soldiers and National Guard members home.

Minneapolis and St. Paul saw violent protests and store break-ins at the end of last week after George Floyd's death after being arrested by Minneapolis police. The city saw peaceful protests for almost a week, including about 1,000 protesters in St. Paul on Friday and hundreds closer to the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Governor Tim Walz credited peaceful protests for helping to achieve rapid changes in Minneapolis Police Department policy. On Friday, the city agreed to ban chokeholds and neck restraints when a department civil rights investigation begins.

Floyd, a black man in handcuffs, died after a white policeman pressed his knee to the neck, ignoring his cries of "I can't breathe", even after Floyd finally stood still. The viewer's video sparked outrage over Floyd's death and protests, some of which were violent, which spread throughout the United States and beyond.


PHOENIX – The family of an unarmed man shot and killed by an Arizona police officer on the same day that George Floyd died wants a federal investigation.

Dion Johnson's mother, Erma, said on Friday that she had not heard from the Phoenix police, who oversee the Memorial Day shooting investigation. Family members expressed growing frustration that the police officer, who is on paid administrative leave, not have been identified by them.

Democratic Rep. Reginald Bolding said he sent a letter asking the U.S. Department of Justice to review the case for possible civil rights violations.

The family is particularly concerned that Johnson, 28, was deprived of emergency medical aid for several minutes after he was shot and handcuffed.


SEATTLE – The Mayor of Seattle has banned the use by police of a type of tear gas, while protests continue over the assassination of George Floyd.

Mayor Jenny Durkan said at a news conference on Friday that the CS gas ban would last for 30 days.

The move came hours after three civilian police surveillance groups asked city leaders to do so. Police chief Carmen Best says the authorities will review the police's crowd control policies.

Local health officials have also expressed concern about the use of gas and other respiratory irritants, based on the potential to increase the spread of the coronavirus.

The groups said the move would build public trust and should remain in effect until the department adopts policies and training on the use of the chemical.


Follow more AP stories about George Floyd's protests and reaction at https://apnews.com/GeorgeFloyd

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