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The role of the accountant in today's society and its importance

by Ace Damon
The role of the accountant in today's society and its importance

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This professional is of vital importance to companies, entrepreneurs, governments and society in general.

To be an accountant is to be a true man of accounts. Profession which I represent almost 30 years ago. It is one of the noblest professions in today's society, one of the oldest and most important in the world today, I would say of those professions essential to a family, companies, organizations, countries. Good accounting and financial rigor is very fundamental to these entities, but we should not forget that either.

Look, who doesn't use accounting in their daily lives? All of us, if we don't see it: whether it is shopping, housing, movies, car buying and related expenses, that is, we are using and doing accounting.

Although, a different accounting of companies, but depicts the use and application of cash and obtaining useful information for our expense and income management.


Those who do not do proper accounting may not be managing their finances properly.

Moving into the business world, how many business owners do not do the math properly or do not know or do not want to resort to specialized services, these with the exceptional knowledge and rigor required, chart a healthier business finance path.

Finances are supported on the basis of rigorous accounting that mirrors the facts that occur, but can also be used as a forecasting tool and as a useful tool for business management and business decisions.

Let's see what accounting is:

Among other concepts, “Accounting is the science that measures the economic reality of an organization to enable proper planning and control of economic entities. It is a branch of knowledge whose foundations and objectives revolve around obtaining quantitative and qualitative measures for decision making through the application of mathematical tools and techniques to produce accounting / financial reports / statements that show an interpretation. economic, financial, physical and equity reality of the entities. Consequently, the financial analysis process is based on the application of tools and a set of techniques that apply to financial statements and other complementary data, with the aim of obtaining quantitative measures and relationships that indicate the behavior, not only of the economic entity, but also some of its most important variables. ”


The accounting profession is an activity based on principles, laws and other norms arising from the social relations between people, companies and institutions in general, and is therefore linked to the area of ​​applied social sciences. Teaches “Prof. Dr. António Lopes de Sá (2004: 136), that the accounting profession is a work usually performed in social cells, with the purpose of providing information and guidance based on the explanation of patrimonial phenomena, giving rise to the fulfillment of social, legal and economic duties. , as well as administrative decision making, as well as serving as historical instrumentation of the life of With the object of heritage, especially the study of its qualitative and quantitative aspects, observing its variations, accounting is linked to various areas of human activity, notably in the field of administrative, economic and legal sciences, since its main purpose is the study and control of people's material wealth.

Within this scope, it can be stated that in all social relations between individuals or legal entities, companies and entities in general, in which they involve facts that may be valued, accounting will be present, with accountants being the active elements of the registration process. , analysis and patrimonial control. Thus, there will always be a close relationship between the ethical behavior of accountants in the various areas of public and private activity. ”

However, the ethical conduct of the accountant and his social responsibility should prevail, especially in cases involving public resources, as it is the information produced by accounting that attests to the company's good financial situation. It is the accountant's job, as well as his technical responsibility in the preparation of accounting and statements that enable companies to meet their obligations to their creditors.

What does an accounting professional do?

The accountant is the professional responsible for telling the company's story through the numbers. It is responsible for determining what are the taxes and duties to be paid, as well as informing FISCO, data related to invoicing, expenses and distribution of profits to partners, eg.


What was once considered an “executive” task, in the sense that obligations were limited to filling out accounting books, over time became a profession with an advisory focus. The modern accountant is one who, in addition to accounting, assists in planning by providing reports and making analyzes that can point out to business owners and managers what are the best decisions to make.

Finally, the accountant plays an important role within companies, and in society, and they are professionals who work out numbers based on their own methodologies and provide information to clients in order to make them make better decisions.

Entrepreneurs, work hard, with pleasure, in partnership with your accountants, choose the best in the market, and value the professional you have chosen, and therefore recognize their importance in your business. lives and in your business.

These are people who care about v. well being and the society you represent.

Do not see the accountant as a man who only produces taxes and works for the tax authorities, because who thinks so, is a businessman still with an undeveloped mind.


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