The Source - A God For The Universe

The Source – A God For The Universe

If you do not comprehend who you are, where you come from, and your role in the universe, then none of what you are going to read will have any meaning. More importantly is your belief, because understanding is one thing… but believing is where so called miracles will happen. Call it Source, God, or The Universe, for the name matters not.

Just know that it is a force, an energy, the core of that which is all. It is what binds, holds, creates, and makes the world go round. We are all part of Source, and together we all and everything make up The Universe. This energy is in everything and everywhere. There is no disconnecting from it. It is flowing through you and in all things.

Even though it is invisible, when you are aligned with it, you can definitely feel it. Since we are all a part of it, and again connected to it, then we are all it. Everything that you can hear, see, feel, taste, smell, and that which you cannot, you took part in creating. Feel the power in those words! Even though from your current human perspective you might not comprehend, none the less, you took part in creating it all. Think of Source as the ocean, and each of us as drops in that ocean.

None greater or less than the other, but all part of the whole, and all as important and worthy as the next. There is no one supreme being that governs and rules all. There does not exist any type of hierarchy or leadership structure.

But there does exist a collective consciousness that we all benefit and co-create from. There is a common universal goal, and that is of expansion, growth, of love, and happiness. When one single being learns something new, or gains a new perspective, we all do, collectively. Source always filters out the negativity from all knowledge, for there is never a reason to hold on to any negativity.

Even more than that, there is never a reason to see negativity in things, therefore Source will never see you through eyes of anger, disappointment, or any other negative way. When you truly understand how we are all interconnected you begin to understand just how futile and ignorant racism and separation is.

We are all in this together, whether you like it or not. We are all one. We are all co-creating together, have always been, and always will be. Whether you are African, American, or Martian; you might look differently or talk differently, even walk or act differently, but believe you me, you and I are the same, and we are one.

The Source - A God For The Universe

I know for some of you this thought seems foreign, radical, strange, and even uncomfortable, but it does not change the fact of who you are, who we are. I heard a quote from Wayne Dyer, and I am not sure where he got it from, but he said that there is no tree in nature, so foolish to fight among its branches.

This is one point that we really want to bring home, and one of the main reasons for these videos. For you to understand that you can fight, hate, or separate as much as you would like, but together we will always be. The word alone becomes mythic or make believe, and even absurd when you realize and remember who we are.

One can never, ever be alone; and those that express their state as alone, have merely allowed their vibration to lower, themselves to become unaligned, and ultimately, do not know, comprehend, and believe who they truly are. We thank you for listening. Grace, and everyone, loves you!.