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The Witcher Series Will Have Horror Elements Essence

by Ace Damon
The Witcher Series Will Have Horror Elements Essence

The Witcher is a saga that already has horror as one of its main proposals. Adult fantasy has a very rich mythology and several points of classic terror such as ghosts and apparitions, haunted houses, sinister beings and a very dense and heavy theme. With a natural potential for scare moments and visual discomfort, the team from the newest Netflix series has confirmed that this will be the essence of production.

“I believe the series will have a tone closer to terror. We are definitely leaving the fantasy in the background. I can honestly say that we do not follow a fanciful path. I mean, there are elements of fantasy, but it's all anchored in a sense of terror, ”confirmed visual effects supervisor Julian Parry in an interview with Radar Games.

Parry uses, to validate his point, the Striga example, cursed women who have become fierce and macabre creatures: “For example, Striga [a cursed woman living like a monster] will have a really grotesque look.”

The Witcher is a complex and well-constructed universe, filled with equally important plots and subplots that build the folklore of the story, along with striking characters, shadowy creatures and unforgettable events. The main adventure chronicles the journey of the wizard Geralt of Rivia, who works as a mercenary responsible for hunting and exterminating the supernatural that corrupts the kingdom. The series will be adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski's book saga and will premiere on December 20, 2019.

See the official trailer below released by Netflix, responsible for the production of the series.

The Witcher Series Will Have Horror Elements Essence via Voxel

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