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The Witcher: The Differences Between the Netflix Series and Games

by Ace Damon

Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski saw his wizarding world recognized worldwide when the saga The Witcher became a game, especially its third part. Now Netflix has decided to tell Geralt de Rivia's story in serial format.

With the premiere of the show, many fans expect to see in live action what has been presented in the games. Although the characters are the same, the setting, the use of magic and the script presented are quite different in both productions.

The use of magic in both productions

To bring a little more “reality” to the screens, Netflix chose not to use as many magical demos in season 1 as it does in games. For example, while in The Witcher 3 the portals are bright, in the series they seem to wriggle around the space around them.

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During the show, Geralt also doesn't use magic all the time, often going for the physical fight. This is because the character in the books – which is the basis of the series – has much less power than in games, which causes him to be defeated more often. This trace of imperfection matches Sapkowski's description, which sees the wizard as a more depressed and grumbling person, quite unlike the confident Geralt of the games.

(Source: CD Projekt Red / Playback)

The unique characteristics of kingdoms

Divided between the Nilfgaard Empire to the south and the northern region with many kingdoms, the Continent is populated by the most diverse cultures. While in the games, Nilfgaardians have very different accents and styles from the northern people, in the series these differences are not so apparent.

With Henry Cavil (The Man of Steel) as the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, all 8 episodes of Season 1 of The witcher are now available on Netflix.

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