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"There will be indisputable punishment with regard to organized groups"

by Ace Damon
"There will be indisputable punishment with regard to organized groups"

Joao Paulo Rebelo, Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, assured that the entry into force of the law against violence will prevent situations such as the one that resulted in the decriminalization of Benfica.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sport assured Thursday that the entry into force of the law to combat violence in sport will prevent situations such as that led to the recent annulment of the punishment imposed on Benfica.


"In the next sporting season there will be much, but much more, qualification of some themes that are recurrently spoken in our country and, therefore, there will be indisputable and unapproachable direct punishment of some behaviors, namely, regarding organized groups and interference of other instances, "said João Paulo Rebelo.

The official, who was speaking on the sidelines of the signing of a protocol between the Portuguese Anti-Doping Authority (ADoP) and the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP), considered that the changes in the law "are so crystal clear" that they will leave no room for doubt. .

Law 39/2009, which establishes the legal regime for the security and fight against racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sports shows, was approved in the previous legislature, but some changes will only come into force in the next sporting season.

On Wednesday, the Lisbon District Court dismissed Benfica from the penalties of playing a game behind closed doors and paying a fine of 56,250 euros for its relationship with organized groups of supporters.

According to the decision of that appeal body, to which Lusa had access, the incarnates were acquitted of all 14 offenses imposed by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) on August 27, 2018, for violations that occurred in a lot of games.

At stake were support for these groups in five I Liga home games between 13 May and 23 September 2017, two for the Champions League against Besiktas and CSKA Moscow on 13 September 2016 and September 12, 2017, respectively, and one for the League Cup.

Benfica had been punished for illegally supporting Red Devils and No Name Boys, which are not registered with the IPDJ, for example, and among other cases, the placement of stripes and flags in restricted areas of Estádio da Luz in Lisbon.

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