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They promote a bill to regulate influencers on social networks with …

by Ace Damon

What is the bill called? Legal regime for influencers, which a senator from the Front for Victory presented in the Upper House and with which she seeks to regulate all the advertisements that the most popular users make on their social networks.

If this is approved, the influencer must specify with the hashtag # PublicaciónPaga when it is a paid post, they would be obliged to register with the AFIP and, in case of not complying with any of these rules, they would receive fines of more than 16 million pesos .

This bill was presented last week in the Senate by San Juan Cristina del Carmen López Valverde and was accompanied by four other legislators from the same space and from the bloc they hope that there will be more accessions in the coming days.

Here is an excerpt of who according to them is considered an influencer: “All people who have a significant number of followers or subscribers and are verified subjects by the social network and, through their account, use their high degree of exposure, their recognized image on social networks and their ability to convince themselves to promote a certain object, product or service in order to influence the consumption decisions of their followers and thus obtain some economic return for their benefit ”.

López Valverde warned that “in the last decades a type of advertising called digital has been developed that consists of commercial promotion based on computer technologies and internet use” and remarked that “this kind of advertising, especially stands out on social networks although it is not exhausted with social network providers, but its dynamism opens new platforms day by day ”.

What happens if the influencer does not meet any of these requirements?

They would receive sanctions and a fine would be applied that could be millionaire. Among the warnings is to withdraw the advertisement from the social network and have to rectify it in the case of misleading advertising.

As for the economic fines, the document proposes that they be worth between 100 and 1,000 minimum wages, vital and mobile. If an SMVM is considered to be $ 16,875, the maximum fine could currently be $ 16,875,000.

The bill must be debated in two commissions before going to the premises: first in General Legislation and then in Systems, media and freedom of expression.

In short, the country falls apart and these people think of where to get money and nothing else …

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