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This is the family broken by accident in Spain's pool

by Ace Damon
This is the family broken by accident in Spain's pool

The father and two sons who died in the swimming pool of a hotel on the Costa del Sol in Spain on Christmas Eve were identified. The Spanish authorities are investigating the case.

Gabriel Diya, 52, and his sons Praise Emmanuel, 16, and Comfort, 9, were found inanimate in the pool at Club La Costa World in Malaga, Spain. The incident occurred after the drowning daughter was helped by her father and brother.

No reasons have yet been found that the three family members were found lifeless in the pool. The first hypothesis will be drowning, but the authorities are trying to figure out if there was any anomaly with the hotel equipment, particularly in the suction system.

Gabriel Diya with his son

Photo: Facebook

According to Sky News, his father's Facebook account describes him as manager and pastor of Open Heavens London, a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, of the Pentecostal Church (Protestant Christian movement). , established in Charlton, United Kingdom.

With ties to various church positions, Gabriel Diya will also be property manager for Flobis Properties Limited. According to the same television channel, the parent and daughter are British, while the son is American.

A daily newspaper in Malaga reports that one of their children's swimming caps was found in the pool's filter system, but the hotel chain says there is nothing wrong with the equipment.

CLC World Resorts and Hotels also adds that it is collaborating with the investigation.

Gabriel Diya's mother and wife, who was accompanied by another son, reportedly warned of the incident and is receiving psychological support from the Spanish authorities.

According to a witness heard at the scene, the woman remained calm during the resuscitation attempts and just prayed.

The family had been on vacation at the hotel since December 21st and would return on December 28th. The three family members were found lifeless on Christmas Eve, December 24.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that it is accompanying the victims.

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