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Turkey, Russia to discuss grave situation in Syria’s Idlib

by Ace Damon
Turkey, Russia to discuss grave situation in Syria's Idlib

MUNICH (AP) – Turkey's foreign minister said a Turkish delegation would hold talks in Russia on Monday about the situation in Syria's Idlib province, amid growing fears of a humanitarian disaster there.

Hundreds of thousands in the province of Idlib are struggling to escape a widespread and multi-pronged attack by President Bashar Assad's forces.

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday after meeting his German colleague on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference that 2 million people could go to Turkey's border with Syria if none cease. fire is reached.

He said a Turkish delegation should visit Moscow on Monday to talk about the situation in Idlib, much of which remains in the hands of rebels. The meeting follows previous visits by a Russian delegation to Ankara. Russia supports Assad, while Turkey supports the opposition.

"We are very concerned that this will become a humanitarian catastrophe if the fighting does not stop," said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. He said he had pressured Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was also in Munich, to get Russia to rely on Assad's government to stop fighting.

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