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Twitter may remove deepfakes sharing

by Ace Damon
Twitter may remove deepfakes sharing

After announcing that it will ban political ads on the platform, Twitter has now announced that it is working on new rules regarding deep fake file sharing. According to a publication by Del Harvey, the company's vice president of security, these preliminary rules refer to a policy of combating what he calls "synthetic and manipulated media." In that classification would be "any photo, audio or video that has been significantly altered or fabricated in a way that is intended to mislead people or change its original meaning."

Given this, the company plans to add alerting features to users when this type of content is served on the social network. Among them is an option to add a reliable news link that can better inform you. Another measure is to remove deep fake files that could “threaten someone's physical security or cause other serious damage”.

According to Del Harvey, the idea is for these guidelines to be set in conjunction with Twitter users. Thus, the company has launched a survey on the social network, which will be able to give feedback, until November 27, on the subject through the hashtag #TwitterPolicyFeedback. After gathering these answers, you will definitely determine the new rules within 30 days.

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