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Ubisoft confirms that Hyper Scape will arrive on August 11

by Ace Damon

The Hyper Scape open beta will conclude in just a few days, on August 2, and having had great success, Ubisoft will launch the final version of the game a few days later. The official launch date will be August 11, when its inaugural season entitled The First Beginning will begin.

The first season of Hyper Scape will include a Battle Pass, which will offer free customization and premium rewards for playing the game and completing challenges. In addition, you will be able to buy the premium pass, which will cost 950 Bitcrowns (in-game currency) and will add more content. Both passes offer a variety of cosmetic options to win over the course of the season.

Hyper Scape: Season 1 Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

This new season will also bring new content available in the game, which we have not seen in beta: A new weapon called DragonFly for midrange and a new trick called Magnet, which works as a kind of cheat. Additionally, Ubisoft says that the first season will include several limited-time modes which have yet to be announced.

Ubisoft also announced a way to get a discount on the first premium battle pass: If you play the beta or watch Hyper Scape on Twitch between now and August 3 at dawn, you’ll get 600 Bitcrowns to use in-game. Fact to keep in mind: to win those Bitcrowns through Twitch, you will have to have the Crowncast Twitch extension enabled.

Have you tried the Hyper Scape beta yet? What did you think?

Source: PCGamesN


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