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UN will move forward with Humanitarian Response Plan to respond to crisis in …

by Ace Damon
UN will move forward with Humanitarian Response Plan to respond to crisis in ...

The UN will move forward by 2020 with a Humanitarian Response Plan to respond to the crisis in Venezuela, a project backed by the Government and the National Assembly (parliament, where the opposition has a majority).

The announcement was made in a statement issued in Caracas by United Nations Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Marck Lowcock, concluding a three-day visit to Venezuela.

“A Humanitarian Response Plan has been prepared to respond to the most serious humanitarian needs. This plan was fully supported by the Government of Venezuela and the National Assembly. I have received firm commitments that they will support the implementation of the plan for the benefit of the most vulnerable Venezuelans across the country, ”the statement said.

According to the document, next month the UN will release “provisional plans” for the humanitarian response, for which additional resources and funding are needed.

“International resources are unlikely to be sufficient to stabilize the humanitarian situation. We will have to find a way to free up Venezuelan resources to contribute more to humanitarian action (…). This will require stakeholders to give greater priority to reducing the immediate suffering of the population, ”he explains.

The document states that the UN has received 135 million euros, but that the Humanitarian Response Plan for Venezuela is approximately 200 million euros.

Marck Lowcock said he had asked the authorities to facilitate access for humanitarian and non-governmental organizations and the incorporation of specialized personnel, as well as reducing bureaucratic restrictions on aid delivery, supporting independent monitoring and improving data for guarantee help to those most in need.

The statement explains that “all parties must respect” the UN humanitarian approach “and not manipulate needs-based assistance”.

“Human suffering is not a political weapon. We will continue to monitor the delivery of assistance to ensure it is transparent and in accordance with independent evaluations, ”he stresses.

Marck Lowcock says he has seen how adults and children “face huge challenges to survive every day” and that “millions of people” do not have access to “a minimum of food, water and medical care” in what was once the richest country. From Latin America.

“I noticed that the health care system is on the brink of collapse and that many hospitals lack the basic water and electricity infrastructure. Hospitalized patients, many of them already severely ill, are at high risk of losing their lives due to new infections they contract while in hospital, as basic cleaning and disinfection cannot be performed, ”he notes.

According to the UN humanitarian assistance coordinator, this "is compounded by the lack of medicines and the shortage of doctors and nurses to administer them."

"Avoidable diseases such as malaria and diphtheria have returned with great force," he says, referring to a case of a hospital where medicines are scarce, the blackouts caused only one-fifth of the hospital to have electricity and water to arrive for only two days. that the damaged pipes emit an unpleasant stench.

“I was told that some hospital workers spend more than their monthly salary just to go to work,” notes Marck Lowcock.

The statement explains that the UN official found, “in meetings with senior government officials and members of the National Assembly”, a “common will to address the humanitarian situation”, considering, however, that “only a political solution can stop the suffering in Venezuela ”.

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