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Uruguayan authorities make record cocaine seizure

by Ace Damon

Several tons of cocaine stashed in containers were seized at the port of Montevideo, Uruguayan authorities said on Friday, saying it was "the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country's history."

In a statement, the Navy explained that it was during the scanning of soy flour containers in the scanner that "anomalies" were detected in four of them.

The first metal box "contained 3,089 blocks of cocaine, each 1.1 kilograms," Navy spokesman Diego Perona told reporters.

Shortly thereafter, while the second container was being inspected, more blocks of cocaine were detected totaling 3,500 packages.

Authorities have opened an investigation into this shipment to the port of Lomé, Togo.

The Navy has already considered this seizure "the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country's history."

Seizures of cocaine in or out of Uruguay, which is not a producer of this drug, multiplied last year, indicating that the country has become a turning point for trafficking to Europe and Africa.

By November, the Navy had seized about three tons of cocaine in the port of Montevideo in a container bound for Africa.

On August 3, a ton of cocaine divided into 817 packages was seized in a house in Parque del Plata, a southern beach resort 55 kilometers east of the capital.

The day before, German police had announced a record seizure of 4.5 tonnes at the port of Hamburg in a Montevideo container that would be transported to Antwerp (Belgium).

In late June, Italian Rocco Morabito, nicknamed the "king of cocaine" and who had been arrested in 2017 in Uruguay, fled a prison in Montevideo, the capital city of Montevideo.

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