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US attacks pro-Iranian militia bases in Iraq and Syria and kills 15

by Ace Damon
US attacks pro-Iranian militia bases in Iraq and Syria and kills 15

Fifteen fighters, including commanders, died tonight after US air strikes on bases of a pro-Iraqi armed faction in western Iraq, an official with the Hachd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) organization told AFP.

The head of this paramilitary militia organization and part of the Iraqi security forces, including Hezbollah brigades that were attacked by US forces, told AFP that other fighters were also injured.

The attacks took place two days after rocket fire, which killed a US defense contractor in Iraq.

The US agency, for its part, explained that the attacks by the United States targeted targets in Iraq and Syria against an Iraqi militia accused of carrying out a rocket attack in which a US contractor died.

Department of Defense spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, quoted in a statement sent to the AP, said that "US forces have carried out precision defensive attacks on five Kataeb Hezbollah locations," an Iraqi-backed Iraqi militia.

The US blames militia for firing rockets on Friday that killed the US Department of Defense contractor at a military complex near Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

US officials also said militias fired up to 30 rockets during the attack on Friday.

Hoffman also explained that the US attacks will limit the Iraqi group's ability to carry out future attacks against the Americans and their Iraqi government allies.

However, the US Department of Defense has not provided details on the conduct of the attacks.

He only said they had hit three Iraqi militia sites in Iraq and two in Syria, including weapons storage facilities and militia command and control bases.

In a statement, the command of Iraqi security forces told Efe that among the killings is a high-ranking armed group commander, also known as Kata'ib Hizbulá (KH).

Also in a statement, the People's Mobilization said that US drones bombed Brigade positions in the Al Qaim area, west of Al Anbar and near the border, noting that there were deaths and injuries among militias, although it did not specify number.

Shiite militias played a leading role in fighting the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq, supporting regular troops, and in the Syrian war, fighting alongside President Bachar al Asad, backed by Tehran and the Baghdad government.

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