Home sports "Vitória have secured at least 51 official matches this season"


"Vitória have secured at least 51 official matches this season"

by Ace Damon
"Vitória have secured at least 51 official matches this season"

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Carlos Freitas, sporting director of V. Guimarães.

Carlos Freitas, V. Guimarães's sporting director, spoke to SportTV before the duel with Benfica for the League Cup.

Going far in all competitions: "Each game will surely be difficult. We are a team that seeks, in every game, to be the protagonist, to score goals and to create opportunities. Vitória have at least 51 official games assured: 34 of the League, 12 in the Europa League, 4 in the League Cup and at least 1 in Portugal. However, we want to go as far as possible in these competitions. "


Compliments of Bruno Lage ?: "They are reciprocal. The merits you have given us, of course, are good to hear, coming from someone who has left an important mark of competence, either in results or in behavioral terms. It does well and refreshes."

History: "Vitória has an important history and tremendous membership. I want to help, together with everyone. I have a 20-year career, but I venture nothing to say that this club has unique characteristics and can be a success. It may sound like a cliché but it's not: our job is not to look at others, there's a lot of history to write. We have to come up with games with the ability to win them. "

Sporting ?: "I honestly didn't want to comment because it's part of my professional past. I'm just focused on Victoria."


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