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Waymo: autonomous cars and trucks won’t steal your job

by Ace Damon
Waymo: autonomous cars and trucks won't steal your job

Waymo, a system research and development company for autonomous vehicles, does not believe that the arrival of autopilot cars and trucks will totally take the job of professional drivers. According to Tilt, this is the thought defended by the brand’s product manager, Sugandha Sangal.

The executive defended that the idea of ​​this and other companies that research in the sector, such as Uber, is not to take people out of their businesses, but rather to offer security from an alternative mode of transportation. The so-called “safest driver in the world”, which is the automated system, must be able to move people and cargo from one point to another in a more protected way than the current one, made by humans.

The speech was held in an Innovalab webinar, an online event with executives and specialists in the areas of technology and innovation. The idea is to offer a platform per application that serves the customer’s needs, whether it be transporting yourself or sending packages and cargo.

Sangal did not detail how it will be possible to keep human drivers and intelligent systems coexisting in the market, as the idea is to replace entire fleets of trucks and cars with private drivers. When talking about the logistics and shipping market, however, she mentioned that a reduction in the number of human drivers in the sector was detected, which means that the market may not suffer as much as expected and that a demand would be filled by machines.

Waymo is a company that belongs to Alphabet, a corporation that also manages Google and other parallel brands. In 2019, tests of the transport service began in Arizona, in the United States, in addition to the performance of several simulations.


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