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We prepared, on the spot, a poncha of excellence!

by Ace Damon
We prepared, on the spot, a poncha of excellence!

Whether in family gatherings, festivals, on special occasions or in a moment of relaxation, poncha is part of the daily life of any Madeiran. Whoever lives here likes to enjoy this marvel of the pearl of the Atlantic and those who visit us cannot resist the temptation to try it!

At Praia da Alagoa Restaurant, we prepare, on the spot, a poncha of excellence! Always made with quality products and with a lot of passion!

We insist on using the spirit produced in Engenhos do Norte, to give that special touch and the truth is that we have already won the Best Poncha prize, for four consecutive years, at the Festa da Apanha da Cana.

If you pass by, you can choose the famous regional poncha, fisherman, passion fruit and tangerine, in fact we dare to say that the latter has been one of the most requested by our customers and understand why! It is made with seasonal fruit!

There are also more innovative ones, such as lime, mint, cherry and tomato poncha! But as tastes are not discussed, make your choice and enjoy!

Restaurant Praia da Alagoa

Sea Front – Porto da Cruz (In front of Engenho do Norte)

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* Be responsible, drink in moderation.

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