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Week of new introductions at The Small House wine cellar.

by Ace Damon
Week of new introductions at The Small House wine cellar.

For the true lovers of a good Rum, we have great news – the Plantation collection has just gotten even more refined and special. Right now, we are one of the only places on the island (perhaps the only one) to own the following set: Plantation Pineapple, Plantation Panama 12 Years, Plantation Trinidad 15 Years, Multi-Vintage Peru and Plantation 20th Anniversary.

For those who do not know them, they are from the rarest and most sought after Runs in the world.

During the week we also introduced Cannabia, the world's first hemp beer (fiber from the Cannabis Ruderalis plant used in textiles, paper, food, oils, resins or beer), is already at The Small House.

Once upon a time, there was permission to brew beers with such plants, but in 1512 the Beer Purity Law in Germany emerged, also known as the world's first anti-drug law.

In 1996, the Berlin health authorities authorized the production of this beer in Germany. It spread across Europe and was introduced to Portugal for the first time in 2007. It is legal and 100% biological.

It is meticulously produced by master German brewers with experience in the production of organic beers, and with a secret combination of hand-harvested barley, hops and hemp malts.

It is a German Pilsner and is already part of our wine cellar.

We are striding towards the end of September and, next weekend, we will have big events, through Ponta do Sol.

For the Ponta do Sol Inn, we will have the performance of Legendary Tigerman, counting for the last Concert L, of the 2019 season. It will be next Saturday but, this weekend, will have one more ode to culture in this village.

Between the 26th and 29th, we will have the Avesso Festival – 2019. This organization of the Avesso Association will bring several plays and staging to the stages of the John dos Passos Cultural Center and São Sebastião Chapel.

We'll have a busy week in the West, and it can all end with your visit to The Small House.

For more about us and what will happen in this village, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor.

*Be responsible, drink in moderation.

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