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Weigl: little left and details of Benfica contract

by Ace Damon
Weigl: little left and details of Benfica contract

Weigl with former Benfica Witsel

Photography: REUTERS

Marco Gonçalves / Rui Miguel Gomes / Sérgio André

December 31, 2019 at 10:10


Despite competition from Spanish clubs, the national champion has reached an agreement with the Germans and the announcement of the signing should be made soon.

Benfica are very close to signing Julian Weigl, 24-year-old Dortmund footballer. In the last few days, the red-hot players attacked the midfielder's transfer and reached an agreement with the German club for the signing, investing in the player about 20 million euros, paid in several years. The eagles are settling on the latest details of the deal with Dortmund as well as the midfielder's agent, but the announcement will be made soon.


The national champion's strong bet, Weigl is expected to have a five-and-a-half year contract waiting for him in Luz by 2025. The GAME has found out, and at a time when the parties involved in the deal settle the last details on top of the For the athlete, the table has a net salary of 2.5 million euros – for Benfica it will be 5 M € gross – which will represent an increase of about 500 thousand euros, as it earns in Germany two million euros. This was one of the eagle's strong arguments for convincing the player, who may also be shielded by a € 120 million termination clause, as is already the case with … Florentino and Gedson, two Seixal-trained competitors.

Facing a lot of struggle to ensure Weigl – in recent days there were even two proposals for Spanish emblems – Benfica grabbed the athlete, who came to visit Lisbon with his family, with the sports project, which involves the bet on winning titles at the level. national and international, but also with a premium of around three million euros, to be paid in three years, and on the table was also expected to pay an intermediation commission of two million euros.

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