When someone talks about steroids they are either referring to the ones prescribed by the doctors or the anabolic steroids taken illegally by body builders.

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Since doctors prescribe steroids they do have health benefits, but if abused they may come with some unwanted side effects.

Steroids users can get HIV/AIDs
Common practice is to inject steroids directly into the muscles. Since sterile medical equipment is often scarce, users may share needles and those be susceptible to contracting these diseases.

Teenagers users have increased
In the past few years, use by teenage boys and girls has increased. Unfortunately, using steroids at such a young age can lead to stunted growth and liver and kidney damage.

Just like any other drugs, steroids are addictive
If a user stops they often will start to feel depressed and withdraw form any social engagements. Since steroids dont give off the high like other drugs, their addictive effect is not noticed until the user is already addicted.

Amounts taken are 10x what a doctor prescribes
The amounts that the doctors prescribe and the amounts that can be obtained on the black market are substantially different. Many steroid users may use up to 100 times what a doctor would prescribe. Those levels of intake are not safe or natural.

The list of side effects is very long
Added to the possible HIV diagnosis, the list of steroid side effects seems endless. Some common ones are mood swings, headaches and high blood pressure. Some people may experience body acne, damage to liver and kidneys, and decreased joint flexibility. The more serious of these side effects is heart attacks and strokes.

Sexual reproduction is altered
Women taking steroids may become infertile, lose their fatty breast tissue and even see a lose of monthly menstruation. Some women may enter early menopause if use continues. Men taking steroids may endure a lower sperm count and shrunken testicles.

Pregnant women may pass on male traits to female baby
Pregnant women who use steroids run the risk of passing on males traits, such as facial hair, to their unborn baby.

Mr. Olympia competition has not outlawed their use
Though most professional sports have outlawed steroids, the Mr. Olympia competition is known for having many competitors using steroids. It is almost necessary to place in the top five of the competition.

Many long-term, heavy users get roid gut
Roid gut is a term for the inflammation in the stomach caused by the stomach bacterias reaction to the steroids. This side effect will cause the users belly to swell, pushing the abdominal muscles out, while still maintaining muscle definition.

Anabolic steroids are not the only kind available
Formally known as anabolic-androgenic steroids, these are not the only type of steroids that are being used in the health or body building industry. Many online markets that sell steroids market different types dependent on what kind of effects the buyer wants to see. A few of the secondary types of steroids are cortisol, estrogen and progesterone.

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