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Windows 10X, the folding OS, brings a new Start menu

by Ace Damon
Windows 10X, the folding OS, brings a new Start menu

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This Wednesday (02), Microsoft introduced a new Surface line device, the Neo, which is foldable and has two screens, can work as a tablet and as a laptop, with one of the screens serving as keyboard and trackpad. The system that will run on this new company device, as well as other models derived from it, is Windows 10 X, a version of Windows 10 adapted for these devices, and it has a new Start menu, without the Live Tiles.

Live Tiles are the real-time, animated icons that came up with Windows Phone and then added to Windows 8. Today, they are present in Windows 10 Start, as in the Weather app, for example.

These icons could be more useful, but there's a problem: the developers didn't pay much attention to the feature and it got a little forgotten. Very few apps currently support it.

The Windows 10X Start menu is simpler, serving as a launcher for recent apps and documents. See part of the system presentation:


Take a look at Windows 10X. #MicrosoftEvent @Windows @carmenzlateff pic.twitter.com/8FsIspI5ld

– Microsoft Surface (@surface) October 2, 2019

Dual screen folding and the new OS

Microsoft explicitly wants to make things simpler on these new hybrid devices. Windows 10X brings optimizations such as greater adaptation for use on touchscreens. Although they can work with a physical keyboard and mouse, there is also the option to do everything using just both screens.

The new Start will allow you to pin your preferred apps and is expected to also disable the list of recent documents.

Watch the official Surface Neo introduction video showing how the system works:


Resource and battery saving

Another reason for Microsoft disabling dynamic icons could be to save hardware resources, as well as the battery, which in this type of equipment should not have very large capacity due to their thickness.

Going forward, we will have to wait to see if Microsoft will adopt the same strategy for the desktop version and end Live Tiles altogether.

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