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Xiaomi may launch feature that mimics Google Pixel’s Top Shot

by Ace Damon

Android experts found some strings in a beta version of the MIUI camera app, which signal the development of a photography feature called “AI Shutter”, which is similar to the “Top Shot” found on the camera of Google Pixel.

Like Google’s feature, AI Shutter would be able to “choose” the best photo among several shots of the same scene. For this, when taking the photo, the user would only have to hold the shutter button for a few moments.

Google Pixel 4a camera. (Source: 9To5Google / Reproduction) Source: 9To5Google

Feature is evolution of the “Burst Shot” mode

If you thought that AI Shutter works in the same way as the popular – and old – Burst Shot mode (continuous shooting), you were wrong. The latter was much simpler and was limited to taking several photos in sequence, so that the user himself could choose the one he liked best.

AI Shutter, as the name implies, is based on artificial intelligence. After the capture sequence, the camera software itself is able to recognize the sharpest photo automatically.

We must emphasize that this information is not official and, even if the strings are part of the MIUI Camera code, it is not safe to say that the feature will be launched by Xiaomi.

If the company is interested in making the feature part of their smartphones, it should appear in some of the next beta versions of MIUI 12, which is already being tested.


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