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YouTube now lets you delete history automatically

by Ace Damon
YouTube now lets you delete history automatically

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Google, in a growing effort to expand privacy options on its services, has just announced a new possibility for the user who wants to control their usage data on YouTube periodically without worrying. The video platform has gained the function of automatic data removal such as history and searches.

The previously manually deleted history option now allows the user to set a time for their data to be automatically deleted from YouTube. This feature had already been added to Google account privacy options in May this year for data such as location, history, and account-linked activity.

For the platform to erase the data automatically, the user must determine a period of 3 or 18 months. After this time has elapsed, the data is deleted without manual action. The option is now available on Google My Activity, with options for both YouTube and other Google platforms. A warning is made by the company reminding the user that usage and history data is used by the platform to recommend content and create automatic playlists. Without them, these functions are impaired.

(Source: YouTube / Press Release)

Among other improvements to user data control, Google Maps has gained an anonymous mode that prevents user searches for locations from being saved by the company. Google Assistant, in turn, now lets you erase history using voice commands.

These actions related to Google's concern for privacy come as Apple makes the latest iOS 13 update available. The operating system update has several new privacy and data control options. Technology giants only respond to growing concern among users about the use and collection of personal data on devices and networks.

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